The formats used by various help systems. These help systems are used to deliver application online help, and other information content.
This category is for sites dealing with the formats and implementation of help systems, and not for companies offering computer help to customers.
HTML Help is the next generation standard help system for the Windows platform. HTML Help, like its predecessor WinHelp, is designed to allow applications to provide context-sensitive user help, and to act as an delivery vehicle for training guides, interactive books, and newsletters. Additionally, new features in HTML Help make it easy to create multimedia titles, or web sites content. HTML Help is based on the standard HTML. However, it offers additional features such as table of contents, index, keyword search and compressed packages (.chm) for easy distribution.
Note that this category is for sites related to the HTMLHelp format for windows help, and not for sites offering general help with HTML and website authoring.
JavaHelp is the official help system for the Java platform developed by Sun. It enables developers and authors to provide HTML-based help content with their applets, components, applications, operating systems, and devices. Authors can also use the JavaHelp system to deliver online documentation for the Web and corporate Intranet. The JavaHelp is developed in Java and runs on a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). It is implemented as Java Foundation Classes (JFC) software components, which allow developers flexibility and ease in developing custom user interfaces and functionality. JavaHelp provides the flexibility of choosing whether the help content and search functionality should reside on the client-side or server-side in a network environment.
Texinfo is a documentation system that uses a single source file to produce both online information and printed output. This means that instead of writing two different documents, one for the online help or other online information and the other for a typeset manual or other printed work, you need write only one document. When the work is revised, you need revise only one document. You can read the online information, known as an "Info file", with an Info documentation-reading program. By convention, Texinfo source file names end with a `.texi' or `.texinfo' extension. (From the GNU Project page.)
WinHelp is the traditional standard help system for the Windows platform. WinHelp content is typically delivered as files with a .hlp extension. The WinHelp system features graphical hypertext rendering, table of contents, index lookup, full-text keyword search. Originally designed to be a consistent delivery mechanism for software application user help content. It has later been used to deliver training guides, interactive books, newsletters, references. Microsoft has developed another help system called HTMLHelp. Although the WinHelp format will still be supported on the Windows platform, it is expected that most newly developed help content will be delivered using the newer HTMLHelp system and the WinHelp format will be gradually phased out.