Wireless has many definitions and subsets. 1. It is the fixed point-to-point signal transmissions that occur through the air over a terrestrial microwave platform which does not require satellite feeds or local phone service. 2. It can also be signal transmissions between cellular phones, PDA's, and other mobile devices.
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Bluetooth wireless technology is a de facto standard, as well as a specification for small-form factor, low-cost, short-range radio links between mobile PCs, mobile phones and other portable devices, even home appliances. It enables users to connect a wide range of computing and telecommunications devices easily and simply, without the need to buy, carry, or connect cables. It delivers opportunities for rapid ad hoc connections, and the possibility of automatic, unconscious, connections between devices.
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Sites providing information on the practice of securing, and information on security of wireless networks. Wireless networks (or wireless LANs) are becoming more popular in homes around the world, and therefore there is more opportunity for hackers to steal information from your wireless networks now then there ever was. Securing your wireless network is essential, and the sites here will be able to help you in this practice.
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