Fax servers are products which can send and/or receive fax messages on behalf of a company or work group with the general aim of improving productivity and reducing the need for individual fax machines. They exist in roughly two categories: Software only - where it's up to the user to integrate components themselves (chassis, OS, fax cards etc.) and Turnkey - where the system is supplied as a complete unit and is generally installed and provided by a single vendor.
This is the category for fax servers.

If you are already listed in the above (UM)category, you should not be listed here unless your submission is genuinely fax server specific. If you belong more in UM - submit your site there.

This is NOT a category for service providers, nor is it a place to find fax machines.

Tools, utilities and other useful developer links.
This category is for suppliers / providers of tools and utilities for use with fax servers. Please be on-topic.
Fax server freeware and shareware
Freeware & Shareware only. Be on topic.
Suppliers of fax server hardware products such as fax cards and fax boxes.
Only submit your site here if you are a manufacturer or supplier of hardware for use in fax servers such as fax cards, fax boxes and similar components. If you are a supplier of fax server solutions, including software, please do not submit your page here.
Authorised Resellers and OEM's of Fax Servers and Fax Server Products.
Only submit your site here if you are an authorised reseller or OEM of Fax Servers. Regional emphasis is important so please ensure that your location is at the top of the page and clearly shows the products and services you offer. If you are a manufacturer your site does not belong here.
Links to useful advice, tools, utilities and other Fax Server related goodies for the beginner and veteran alike.
This sub-category is intended to provide useful tools and information to fax server users and prospective purchasers. While submissions are accepted from commercial sites, your entries should be genuinely helpful and not just "plugs" for your own product.