Scientific publications of all forms related to Computer Science. Notes:
  • In spite of their name, technical report archives include usually conference or journal papers (they are usually FTP sites of research institutions).
  • The number of items indexed by an engine is constantly increasing. However it gives an order of magnitude useful to compare indexes (most of the figures were gathered at end 2000).
  • In bibliographic indexes, if search for on-line documents only is not allowed by the search form, try http and ftp as keywords.
  • Usually, indexes are run by scientists as part of their research, and the indexing engines are sometime made available, for instance ResearchIndex and Ncstrl.
The top category is dedicated to free-access publication search engines covering broadly computer sciences, with thousands of items.

Please see subcategories for specific document archives or bibliographies, or commercial services. Submissions should state:

  • the importance of the index (number of on-line articles / number of bibliographic records)
  • where the information comes from (bibliographies, institution archives, home pages, ...)
  • if submission of new material is possible.
Bibliographies gather citations in a specific topic, sometimes with some links to on-line documents.
Submissions should state:
  • the topic(s)
  • the importance of the resource (number of items)
  • if abstracts are available
  • if links to on-line documents are available (how many?).
Commercial bibliographic or full-text databases.
Submissions should state if abstracts or full-text are available, and if some information is freely accessed.
Document archives include on-line documents, for instance technical report and paper repositories from research institutions, or preprint archives.
Submissions should state:
  • the topic(s)
  • the importance of the resource (number of on-line documents).
Listing of Journals, Magazines, and other publications for General computer science. Publications for a specific category of computer science should be routed to the more specific category.