This category will include only company sites that produce software technologies that provide a platform or foundation for Internet technologies.

Please note that submitting to the wrong category will significantly delay the listing and review of your site, and may even result in its deletion.

The web sites of companies whose primary business is not custom Internet software development will not be accepted here. General software developers should submit sites to Computers: Companies: Software Development

Web Application Developers are not accepted here.

Web Applications are web sites that perform the same function as software that you might otherwise run locally. They include client/server applications, and 3-tier database-backed applications like Content management Systems.

The companies that create web applications are called Web Application Developers. Submit these sites to one of the following categories:

The companies that serve web applications are called Application Service Providers (ASPs). Submit ASP sites to:

Companies that develop web services (SOAP, XML over HTTP) should submit sites to

Further, companies specializing in web site development are only accepted in subcategories under the following category:

To be listed here, a site must be significantly geared towards developing custom Internet applications, not web applications, including web services, or web sites.

Further, individual product pages are not accepted, only the root company web site is acceptable.