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Visit for the latest news, the hottest products, and technical support resources from Apple Computer, Inc.
Custom-build and order computers using the Dell online store. Design desktop computers, laptops, and servers, choosing desired peripherals and software. Online service and support.
Gateway owners will find a variety of service and support resources on the company's Web site,, including lists of frequently asked questions, customer support newsletters and a Gateway-specific public newsgroup.
Overview of Hitachi's websites, and services.
This category deals with support for IBM products and technologies, if you are a general retailer please submit directly to /Computers/Hardware/Retailers/ then the letter for your company name.

You will not be listed in this category if your submission is not related to it !

Customer support for IBM products and technologies including links to a variety of sites offering advice and information.
Please DO NOT submit regional sites here: they won''t get listed. If the business works only in one area (e.g. town), locate that area in the Top: Regional category and submit it there.
Companies providing technical support for computer equipment from multiple vendors.
Customer support for Intel products and technologies.
Packard Bell Home Page. Support and tips.
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