Product Data Management (PDM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Engineering Data Management Systems (EDMS) and general Configuration and Data Management (CM/DM) applications provide a specialized database for managing design, production, support and related product data. PDM and PLM products and their related services address most of the following areas: control of product-related document revisions & physical part records, item classification & attributes, bills of material (BOMs) creation and management, electronic file archival & retrieval, project task management, item costing, engineering changes, change approval workflow, materials content, end-of-life recovery & disposal information, CAD and/or ERP data exchange.
Please submit sites that (a) offer database products that comprehensively manage product data, and/or (b) offer services, advice or training primarily related to implementing such software. Alternative categories: [1] Computer-aided design (CAD) and other technical authoring tools should be submitted to another category under Computers: CAD and CAM. [2] Versioning systems for managing software exclusively (software configuration management [SCM]) should be submitted to Computers: Software: Configuration Management: Tools. [3] CAD/PLM/ERP data translation/edit/export tools should be submitted to Computers: CAD and CAM: Drawing Exchange and Interoperability. [4] General purpose data management systems that do not offer features specific to managing technical product data should be submitted under Computers: Software: Document Management. [5] Service providers that offer planning, implementation or training related to more than PDM/PLM (such as CAD/CAM/ERP/SCM or document management) should be submitted to Computers: Consultants: CAD Systems or to Computers: Consultants: Business Systems: Document Management. [6] Design collaboration systems, which synchronize viewing and markup of design files, should be submitted to Computers: Software: Groupware. [7] General product information management systems (e.g., for web site catalogs, print catalogs or CRM systems) can be submitted to Computers: Software: Master Data Management: Product