Standards, software and services related to the reading, manipulation and/or transformation, and output of electronic data for purpose of facilitating technical product data transfer from one computer system or software application to another.
Sites in this category address the definition and/or implementation of a file format that conveys technical (primarily engineering, manufacturing, quality, service, or other product- or process-related) data between computer systems. 1. Definition sites must describe the data exchange format 2. Implementation sites must describe the software or service that enables the computer-to-computer exchange of technical data. Technical data is (a) created by a technical authoring tool, such as a CAD, PLM or process design software application, or (b) contained in a file format that is specifically intended for technical data exchange, such as STEP, GERBER or PDX. Interoperability includes transforming the technical data into a different format and/or editing the file contents as part of the process of moving the data from one computer application to another. Consider submitting here if the purpose of a site relates to (1) Managing and/or delivering electronic data to humans: Computers/Software/File_Management/File_Managers (2) Rendering or transforming technical data principally for human use: (a) publications: Computers/Data_Formats/Document/Publishing (b) product support: Business/Business_Services/Quality_Control_and_Tracking/Software (c) training materials: Computers/Software/Online_Training/Authoring