AutoCAD is a general purpose computer aided design (CAD) package, manufactured by Autodesk, Inc. The software can be extended by using a number of compiled or interpreted programming languages, most prominently AutoLISP. Current versions of AutoCAD run exclusively on Microsoft Windows systems.
Please submit sites here and in the local subcategories that directly relate to the AutoCAD software and it''s extensions.

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Software that extends AutoCAD for greater or more specialized functionality, or for improved work efficiency. This includes external software that interacts with AutoCAD or handles DWG/DXF/DWF files.
Sites about the process of extending AutoCAD with one of the many programming languages available for that purpose, such as:
  • AutoLISP and VisualLISP
  • C/C++ (through the ADS and ObjectARX APIs)
  • VBA (through ActiveX)
  • a number of other possibilities, like Java, Perl, and Python.
Sites about learning the ropes with AutoCAD. This includes training facilities and courses, as well as pages containing instructional material for online viewing or downloading.
Job listings and requests related to AutoCAD.
Collections of AutoCAD blocks, symbols, line types, hatch patterns, fonts, and other helpful items.
Organizations by AutoCAD users to exchange ideas and experiences and to generally support each other.