Computer Aided Design Computer software and (sometimes) hardware used to design things. A CAD system might be as simple as a computerized drafting tool or as complex as a parametric mechanical constraint system, a routing and layout software for integrated electronic circuits, or an architectural program that knows about the physical and spatial properties of constructive elements in a building.
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Software for CAD drafting without 3d modelling capabilities.
This category encompasses all software which is directly involved in or closely related to the production electronic data for the design and production of buildings and surrounds. It covers the creation of concepts through to the production of working documentation. It encompasses the creation of "Virtual Buildings" down to the production of 2D working drawings.
Please only submit sites containing listings of formal associations involved in investigations pertaining to the above. If the site is only a personal opinion or individually driven, maybe you could apply for the AEC design category instead
Organizations relating to the CAD industry and its professions.
AutoCAD is a general purpose computer aided design (CAD) package, manufactured by Autodesk, Inc. The software can be extended by using a number of compiled or interpreted programming languages, most prominently AutoLISP. Current versions of AutoCAD run exclusively on Microsoft Windows systems.
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Links relating to Baystate Technologies' CADKEY CAD software
Links relating to Dassault Systems CATIA CAD system software.
A CAM System produces a GCode program that runs a CNC machine. CNC Equipment comes in many flavors: Horizontal and Vertical Machining Centers (Mills), Two & Fours Axis Lathes, CY Axis Lathes (a mill and lathe in one machine), Routers, two & four axis wire EDM, Screw Machines, Lasers, Plasma Arcs, Punch and Nibble (fabrication equipment) and Water Jets. Then there is the Software to support CAM (getting the program to the machine) DNC - Direct Numerical Control. This software communicates from the computer at the programmer's desktop to the CNC Machine transmitting the program to the Machine that produces the part.
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DataCAD is a brand of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software designed primarily for architecture, engineering and construction. This category is for sites and pages specifically about DataCAD software use and related sales, support or services.
Link collections, general resource sites, and searchable databases serving the CAD industry, not specialized to any specific software package.
Standards, software and services related to the reading, manipulation and/or transformation, and output of electronic data for purpose of facilitating technical product data transfer from one computer system or software application to another.
Sites in this category address the definition and/or implementation of a file format that conveys technical (primarily engineering, manufacturing, quality, service, or other product- or process-related) data between computer systems. 1. Definition sites must describe the data exchange format 2. Implementation sites must describe the software or service that enables the computer-to-computer exchange of technical data. Technical data is (a) created by a technical authoring tool, such as a CAD, PLM or process design software application, or (b) contained in a file format that is specifically intended for technical data exchange, such as STEP, GERBER or PDX. Interoperability includes transforming the technical data into a different format and/or editing the file contents as part of the process of moving the data from one computer application to another. Consider submitting here if the purpose of a site relates to (1) Managing and/or delivering electronic data to humans: Computers/Software/File_Management/File_Managers (2) Rendering or transforming technical data principally for human use: (a) publications: Computers/Data_Formats/Document/Publishing (b) product support: Business/Business_Services/Quality_Control_and_Tracking/Software (c) training materials: Computers/Software/Online_Training/Authoring
Sites that inform about teaching and learning general CAD skills.
EDA = Electronic design automation
Please submit sites of developers of software for design or analysis of electrical circuits or systems with frequency domain behavior
Sites that list job offers and resumes in the CAD field, or about related recruiting service companies.
A low cost CAD system designed with the goal of compatibility to AutoCAD on the file format and API levels.
This category contains entries that focus on CAD and GIS integration issues and technologies.
Since this category is concerned with CAD and GIS integration issues, submissions that are strictly GIS should be directed to the GIS category.
Links relating to the NX AD/CAM/CAE software package developed by Siemens PLM Software (formerly Unigraphics Solution's Unigraphics); also Solid Edge and related products.
Sites that offer libraries of parts and object data for CAD systems either for download or to order.
Cadcentre's Plant Design Management System for multi-user 3D design of manufacturing plants, available for Unix and Windows NT.
This category is for sites specifically related to Cadcentre''s 3D Plant Design Management System (PDMS) software package.
Product Data Management (PDM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Engineering Data Management Systems (EDMS) and general Configuration and Data Management (CM/DM) applications provide a specialized database for managing design, production, support and related product data. PDM and PLM products and their related services address most of the following areas: control of product-related document revisions & physical part records, item classification & attributes, bills of material (BOMs) creation and management, electronic file archival & retrieval, project task management, item costing, engineering changes, change approval workflow, materials content, end-of-life recovery & disposal information, CAD and/or ERP data exchange.
Please submit sites that (a) offer database products that comprehensively manage product data, and/or (b) offer services, advice or training primarily related to implementing such software. Alternative categories: [1] Computer-aided design (CAD) and other technical authoring tools should be submitted to another category under Computers: CAD and CAM. [2] Versioning systems for managing software exclusively (software configuration management [SCM]) should be submitted to Computers: Software: Configuration Management: Tools. [3] CAD/PLM/ERP data translation/edit/export tools should be submitted to Computers: CAD and CAM: Drawing Exchange and Interoperability. [4] General purpose data management systems that do not offer features specific to managing technical product data should be submitted under Computers: Software: Document Management. [5] Service providers that offer planning, implementation or training related to more than PDM/PLM (such as CAD/CAM/ERP/SCM or document management) should be submitted to Computers: Consultants: CAD Systems or to Computers: Consultants: Business Systems: Document Management. [6] Design collaboration systems, which synchronize viewing and markup of design files, should be submitted to Computers: Software: Groupware. [7] General product information management systems (e.g., for web site catalogs, print catalogs or CRM systems) can be submitted to Computers: Software: Master Data Management: Product
Pro/ENGINEER is a 3D parametric solid modeling CAD package. The parametric features make modeling flexible, as models are able to change based on the modification of their parent parts and assemblies. Pro/E is a high end manufacturing CAD system that can range in price from a few thousand per seat for Foundation to $40k per seat with all the options. Modules include parts, assemblies, drawings, sheetmetal, surfacing, NC, piping, cabling, ecad, mold, weldments, and behavioral modeling (BMX). There are a host of different PDM systems to help you manage Pro/E files.

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Category featuring raster to vector conversion programs.
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TurboCAD is a general purpose 3D CAD package with solid modelling capabilities, that is most often used for architectural and mechanical design.