This category is for artificial life information, simulations, discussions and related sub topics like art and games.
Sites here must contain information about processes from nature.
Using the processes of nature to solve problems.
Much like the 'Seti@Home' project uses multiple machines to crunch lots of data so distributed artificial life projects use the power of internet to create a large artificial world for evolution to happen in.
There must be a download for the project publically available.
Lindenmayer systems (or L-Systems) are a way of modelling plants and other biological organisms using mathematics and simple language tools.
Mainly about Particle Swarm _Optimization_ (PSO). Particle swarm adaptation has been shown to successfully optimize a wide range of continuous functions. The algorithm, which is based on a metaphor of social interaction, searches a space by adjusting the trajectories of individuals, called 'particles' as they are conceptualized as moving points in multidimensional space, toward the positions of their own previous best performance and the best previous performance of their neighbors.
Researchers and practitioners in the field of Artificial Life.
Bibliographies, books, journals, magazines, preprints and other publications in the field of Artificial Life.