Implementations of machine learning through algorithms in software, articles, and discussions.
Please submit full website URLs that contain relevant information or programs pertaining to the realm of
Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning: Software only.

If the site promotes a software package the site submitter should indicate the type of software license:
Apache License [AL],
Academic Free License [AFL],
Commercial [Commercial],
Berkeley Software Division [BSD],
The Code Project Open License[CPOL],
Free [Free],
General Public License [GPL],
Lesser General Public License [LGPL],
Open Directory Licensed Project [ODLP],

Commercial software products listed in this category must satisfy the following criteria:
1. The software and/or site must not be listed in other categories,
2. The site must not be an affiliate site,
3. The software must offer substantial information, tips, advice, and/or usage information for ODP consumers.

This software inclusion policy is more relaxed for AFL, BSD, CPOL, Free, GPL, LGPL, and ODLP licensed software.