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If you have a site with multiple datasets do not submit a link for each dataset but just a link to the main page.
Repositories of data used to test/validate machine learning algorithms.
Articles on machine learning education, teaching materials, tutorials, and courses
Pleased do not submit single papers or books to this category. Only collection of papers organized in bibtex files or similar are suitable.
Publications related to machine learning
Please submit full website URLs that contain relevant information or programs pertaining to the realm of
Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning: Software only.

If the site promotes a software package the site submitter should indicate the type of software license:
Apache License [AL],
Academic Free License [AFL],
Commercial [Commercial],
Berkeley Software Division [BSD],
The Code Project Open License[CPOL],
Free [Free],
General Public License [GPL],
Lesser General Public License [LGPL],
Open Directory Licensed Project [ODLP],

Commercial software products listed in this category must satisfy the following criteria:
1. The software and/or site must not be listed in other categories,
2. The site must not be an affiliate site,
3. The software must offer substantial information, tips, advice, and/or usage information for ODP consumers.

This software inclusion policy is more relaxed for AFL, BSD, CPOL, Free, GPL, LGPL, and ODLP licensed software.
Implementations of machine learning through algorithms in software, articles, and discussions.
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