This category lists announcements of upcoming exhibitions, fairs, shows and conferences for the textile, apparel, nonwovens and their related industries.
Please, note that the sites are not being deleted from this category after the date of the show has expired. Instead, they are moved to the "Archive" sub-category since many of these sites will post updates of past shows.
This category lists PAST trade shows, conferences and events for the textile and nonwovens industries, and their related branches.
Please, do not submit sites for future events here.

This category is only for shows which have already taken place, but may contain updates or other information, relevant to the industry.

This category lists companies, specialised in the organization of trade shows and related events for the textile and nonwovens industries, ONLY.
Please, do not submit sites here, publishing events which are not specifically focussed on the textile or nonwovens industries. For these, please go back to the Top/Business category and select the link most appropriate for your business activities.

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