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Smart textiles is the popular name for textile and nonwoven fabrics and products into which conductive fibers or yarns, sensors and computing devices are incorporated, to create wearable systems for computing, recording and monitoring of human reactions and movements.
This category lists international research and development projects, aiming to improve general understanding of, and cooperation between industry, academy and government institutions, and to further incorporation of new technologies in production processes.
This category contains links to organizations, institutes, web sites and programs involved in informal educational activities aimed at professionals in the textile and fashion industry.
This category lists textile education, research and related organizations which are funded, sponsored or operated by national or regional governments.
This category lists portals to the textile and related industries only.
This category lists private and public companies and institutions involved in textile and textile related research.
This category lists sites which provide consumer, technical and scientific information on dry- and wetcleaning and related textile care processes, as well as research and educational institutes.
This category lists weblogs (blogs) dealing the textile industry, its technologies and materials.