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Please, do not submit here if you are a manufacturer or trader of textiles and apparel. Instead, you should return to the main category of Textiles and Nonwovens, select Textile Manufacturers and choose from the available categories there the one most suitable for your site.

Thank you for your cooperation.

This category lists TRADE ORGANIZATIONS, related to the textile fabric and apparel industries ONLY.
Please note that this is a manufacturing category, meaning that wholesale and retail companies will not be listed here unless they also produce the products they sell.

For wholesale please submit at;

Retail goes to; http://Business/Industries/Retail/Companies

Import and export only will be listed at;

Thank you for your cooperation.

This category lists manufacturers of home textiles in the broadest sense of the term. It includes producers of bed and bathroom textiles, home furnishings and decorations, and table and kitchen linens.
Please, do not submit diretory pages here. They will be deleted.

See FAQ at;

Shopping sites should be submitted at;

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This category lists manufacturers, distributors and traders of carpets, rugs, wall coverings and tapestries, and mattings.
This category lists companies involved with industrial coating and lamination of textile and nonwoven fabrics.
This category lists consultancies which specialise in providing services to the textile, clothing and clothing accessories, footwear and bags industries
This category lists cut and sew operations, sub-contractors, tailors and related textile sewing operations.
Fashion design sites should be submitted to;
This category lists companies which provide design services, tools and software for the textile industry.
Please, do not submit manufacturers of textile consumer goods here. Instead, return to /Textiles, and select the most appropriate category there.

Please, do not submit directory pages here. They will be deleted. For more information on site listings, please see the FAQ at

This category lists manufacturers of woven and knitted fabrics for textile and industrial applications. Please select the sub-category most appropriate for your business. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please, do not submit shopping sites here. Instead, go to and select the appropriate category for your site there.

Submission Tips:

  1. When writing your site''s title please ensure it is the same as your organization.
  2. When writing your site''s description, please tell what your site offers in a clear and concise statement without hype or promotional language.

Thank-you for your cooperation.

This category lists manufacturers of flags and related products only.

No sites will be listed on this entry page.

Please, scroll down and submit your site at the sub-category most appropriate for your business.

This category does NOT list apparel or fashion related companies.

Firms listed in this category are engaged in the business of importing and or exporting textiles across international borders.

They do not make nor sell at retail these goods.

Site must be in English.
Manufacturers/Dealers of Textile Machinery and Equipment.
This category lists web sites of periodicals and journals related to the textiles and apparel industry.
This category lists companies which provide tools, services and consulting, specialised for manufacturing processes in the textile and nonwovens industries.
Please, do not submit sites from commercial textile companies here. The appropriate categories for these are to be found in Textiles and Nonwovens/Textiles, and Textiles and Nonwovens/Services.

Thanks you for your cooperation.

This category lists sites primarily dealing with research, education and general information on issues related to textile and apparel manufacturing, raw materials, processes, products and marketing.
This category lists sites offering design, planning, management and manufacturing software programs for the textile industry. Please note that software for the garment industry has its own category here; Business/Consumer_Goods_and_Services/Clothing/Software/
This category is for websites of producers of swatch cards and swatch books.
No sites will be listed in this category.
This category will contain links only, to the various sub-categories in Textiles which list wholesalers and distributors of textile fabrics and finished products.
This category lists sites for businesses which manufacture, process or trade in cleaning, wiping and polishing cloth made from new or regenerated textiles and nonwovens.
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