This category lists manufacturers of natural and man-made fibers used for the production of yarns, nonwovens and composite products.
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This category lists trade organizations for the natural and man-made fiber industries.
From very simple beginnings, man-made fiber production has developed into a sophisticated, versatile and innovative industry. Today, not many roads are being build without the use of some kind of fiber substrate, there is no easy chair that isn't stuffed with fiber and no one is going to walk into space if the suit isn't made up with the help of engineered nonwoven fabrics. The Fiber Producers category's main page lists companies which manufacture a variety of fibers from different kinds of polymer compounds, and cannot be placed further down in the directory without doing injustice to the company or confusing the viewer. In the sub-categories, you will find links to companies dedicated to the manufacture of a specific fiber, or for which the production of that fiber is its main business.
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Natural fibers are quickly becoming an important source of raw materials for the nonwovens industry. The obvious reason for that is the growing concern about the ecological dangers (real or imagined, I'm not going to get into that one), processing of chemicals is posing to the environment. But there are a number of other incentives for nonwovens manufacturers, to make use of renewable sources like plant and bast fibers. First of all because, with care and good management, they're always available. Sometimes it's just plain good economics. Products made from natural fibers are rapidly growing in popularity, despite the usually higher retail prices. I, for instance (if I am allowed a personal confession in the framework of this project), will not be caught dead in a polyester shirt. So, this is what this category will be about. Links to companies that make the fibers from weed, tree or plant, for other companies to make my shirts from them.
This category lists publications related to natural and man-made fibers for the textile and nonwovens industries only.
This category lists companies which' primary business is recycling of textile waste products into reusable fiber for the textile and nonwovens industries. Companies, collecting and processing textile waste and used clothing for reuse as is, or as wiping materials, are listed in Business/Industries/Waste Management/Recycling or in Business/Industries/Wholesale/Matrials/Wipes and Rags/