This category is for equipment used within the wireless communications industry. It is for manufacturers, suppliers, and those companies which provide a range of services related to wireless equipment. The category has been divided into a number of sub categories and submitters are asked to take the time to review the structure before placing their submissions. Primarily the content of this category covers B2B sites. If your site is designed to sell directly to the consumer market your site should be placed in the Shopping category. We also have a category for amateur radio enthusiasts. This can be found here: Amateur Radio In addition there are a number of related subjects. Links to these categories can be found in the related categories section appended to the main category and its sub categories.
Manufacturers of equipment for mainstream cellular networks. This includes GSM family (GSM, UMTS, HSPA, LTE), CDMA family (IS-95, EV-DO, cdmaOne), iDEN, NMT, PDC. It excludes wireless data standards such as 802.11 series.
This is for equipment manufacturers to the mobile phone network operators. Consumer equipment, services, installation etc should be directed to alternative categories.
Equipment vendors for in-building wireless systems for voice and/or data. These can be proprietary or standards based.
This is for B2B vendors, not retail. Services companies should be submitted in the appropriate category elsewhere.