Sites listed here manufacture, supply and or sell pay telephones and pay telephone products.
Telephone Manufacturers and accessories. Main focus on Telephones.
This category is for manufacturers, suppliers and renters of mobile telephones and accessories, both cellular and cordless. The category has been divided into a number of sub categories and submitters are asked to take the time to review the structure before placing their submissions. Primarily the content of this category covers B2B sites. If your site is designed to sell directly to the consumer market your site should be placed in the Shopping category. Sites dealing with consumer information and advice should be submitted to the Consumer Advice category. Sites dealing with issues and safety should be submitted to the Issues category. Sites dealing with equipment specific to the WAP market should be submitted to the WAP Devices category.
This category lists businesses that either manufacture or supply accessories for wireless phones. The focus of the site should be the business. If the focus of the site you are submitting is selling these items you might want to submit it in Shopping/Consumer_Electronics/Communications/Wireless/Cellular_Phones/Accessories .