Sites related to providing equipment to support telecommunications related messaging such as voice mail, paging systems, and on-hold message playback.
Please submit to the appropriate sub-category. Note this is for equipment only - related services should be submitted to the appropriate category in Business/Telecommunications/Services/.
Manufacturers and or Suppliers in the US of Music-on-Hold or Promotion-on-Hold equipment.
This category is for sellers, dealers and retailers of music on-hold EQUIPMENT.

Do not submit your site if your company only sells music or records audio for music-on-hold equipment, please submit to: Marketing_and_Advertising/Advertising.

This category is for manufacturers and suppliers of pagers and paging systems. Primarily the content of this category covers B2B sites. If your site is designed to sell directly to the consumer market your site should be placed in the Shopping category.
Sites that supply Voicemail equipment for the telecommunications industry. Not a category for Voicemail Services. For Voicemail Services see: Messaging Service