Generally, "affordable housing" is defined as housing made available to and affordable for very-low, low and moderate income persons and families. In most cases, affordable housing is produced and maintained with some level of financial assistance from Federal, state, or private sources. Affordable housing may include homeownership, rental housing, special needs housing, and housing for the homeless.
This category is for "affordable housing" related sites. Please submit only web sites pertaining to the affordable housing industry.
This category contains web sites of affordable housing advocacy groups. Housing advocacy groups of all kinds including those for the homeless, elderly, handicapped, farmworkers, persons with AIDS, or the rural or urban poor are welcome here.
This category is for affordable housing advocates. If your web site is not related to advocacy please consider one of the other affordable housing categories.
This category contains sites for or about the providers and developers of affordable housing projects. For-profit developers, non-profit developers, public housing authorities, homeless shelters and housing cooperatives should be listed here.

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This category contains web sites of affordable housing technical assistance (TA) providers. TA providers assist non-profits in acquiring, developing, and managing affordable housing.
Submit sites to this category if the web site is affordable housing technical assistance oriented.