Book publishing involves the preparation and issuing of printed or electronic books for public distribution or sale. This category is for the sites of book publishing businesses, and for sites related to, and focused on, the book publishing process.

Sites not listed in this category include:

Submit sites focused on book publishing businesses, and for sites related to, and focused on, the book publishing process. The following exceptions apply:
Lists web sites of all publishers of biographical books, including historical, official and unofficial accounts of lives, public or private, as well as autobiographies and family histories.
Submit sites related to publishers of biographical e-books as well as traditional paper and ink books.
Publishers or publishers
To these O''Reilly categories, please submit only links on O''Reilly & Associates publications, events, software, and other issues.
This category is for PUBLISHERS of computer books. Individual computer book links belong elsewhere.
Publishers of fiction products available on the web or from the web.
Please submit publishers of fantasy titles. For science fiction publishers, please use Business/Industries/Publishing/Publishers/Fiction/Science_Fiction/.
The Latino Literature: Publishers category focuses on publishers of literature by and about American Latinos (e.g. Mexican-Americans/Chicanos, Puerto Ricans, Cuban-Americans, and Central and South Americans living in the United States).
Please submit sites that focus on the publishers of literature by and about American Latinos and that are primarily in English or bilingual (e.g. in English and Spanish). Sites that are primarily in Spanish should be sent to World: Espa´┐Żol: Artes: Literatura.
Publishers of history books.
Submit publishers that specialize in publishing history books. If the focus of the site is selling books to the general public, and the site includes products, prices, and ordering information (enabling customers to order directly from their home or office), submit instead to .
Publishers who specialize in books about political topics, public affairs, public policy, philosophy of government, and political science.
Includes publishers of general reference publications, print, non-print and electronic.

This category includes sites that publish and sell telephone directories, which may include address/location information. It also includes sites that offer telephone/address information available over the Web on a fee-based, subscription basis.

Sites that provide free Web based telephone/address look up services are listed under Reference/Directories/Address_and_Phone_Numbers/

Sites that provide Yellow Page listing services for advertisers are listed under Business/Marketing_and_Advertising/Advertising/Agencies/Yellow_Pages/

This category is for the listing of publishers of religious and spiritual books, magazines, and other publications.
Publishers whose sites are primarily focused towards online sales of books and other items should submit to the proper category in Society/Religion and Spirituality or Shopping/Publications.