Materials are the raw stuff used in manufacturing and industry. Some examples are steel, fibers, glass, and plastics. This category lists manufacturers and distributors of raw materials.
Companies which manufacture end products, for example scientific glassware or rubber gaskets, do not belong in this category. Use the search engine to find a specific directory related to that product or industry elsewhere in the Open Directory Product.

Companies which provide custom manufacturing or machining services do not belong here either, even if they specialize in a certain material. Instead, they belong in an appropriate subcategory of Business: Industries: Manufacturing: Casting, Molding, Machining.

Web sites that have no English version available should not be listed here. Instead, find the appropriate language category under World.

Please submit only sites related CAD. Material Property databases would be covered in composites, or under homogeneous materials
This category is for manufacturers,distributors and extruders of raw materials.
This category lists manufacturers which' primary focus is on the manufacture of pulp and paper for further processing. Manufacturers and converters of finished paper industrial and consumer products will NOT be listed here.
Please only submit companies here that meet the following criteria:

1. Are exclusively engaged in the trade of paper, board, tissue, and pulp.

2. Have a website that contains basic information about your product and service offering.

This category is meant to serve those industries producing such materials as hardwoods, softwoods, plywoods, veneers, or manufacturing wood based products such as particle board or MDF.