A Money Manager firm is paid a fee to supervise and make the investment decisions of others. The term is normally used in reference to the asset manager of large institutions such as bank trust departments, pension funds, insurance companies and mutual funds. However, it may also be applied to those firms who manage the investment assets of smaller individual investors as well. Money Mangers may also be known as Investment Managers, Investment Advisers, or Investment Advisors.
This category is for companies, not individual''s. Individual representatives should submit to their proper location in Regional subcategories.
Portfolio Management software is used by both professional and individual investors to better understand, track, construct and communicate the dynamics and performance of a financial portfolio.
Institutional products may be submitted to Portfolio management software if they have a front-end component.

Investment software submitted to this category should include at least one of the following components: Portfolio Tracking, Asset Allocation, Risk Management, Portfolio Analysis, Presentation Software or Portfolio Optimization.

Please direct software specific to middle office and back office to Computers: Software: Business: Investing: Institutional and Back Office

If your application is primarily a market timing tool, please submit to: Computers: Software: Business: Investing: Trading_Systems

If your submission is not a software application for portfolio management please double check to ensure that this is the best fit for you. Most sites listing in the Open Directory Project are only allowed one category.