Websites about commodities, futures, derivatives, and options on futures. Before submitting your site, please review the Guidelines for Submitting a Site. The futures markets evolved because of the necessity to control price fluctuations, large differences between supply and demand, and to minimize price risk to producers and merchandisers. The commodity exchanges bring buyers and sellers together so they can agree on a price. This is done by open out cry, and computerized trading. Bid/Ask information is readily accessible so prices are better able to reflect realistic economic conditions.
English-language websites only.
Commodity Brokerages.
Sites that focus on listing resources for the commodity markets.
Sites that focus on education and training for investors that wish to learn more about trading commodities & futures.
Forex or Foreign Exchange covers instruments employed to facilitate payments between countries: currency notes, checks or electronic transfers.
Your company should be properly registered with local industry authorities to be eligible for this category.

If you offer exchange traded futures or options please submit to Commodities,_Futures/ category.

If you offer foreign currencies exchange or payment services, please submit to Recreation/Travel/Preparation/Currencies/ or Business/Financial_Services.

Websites related to investing in precious metals. There are numerous ways to invest in precious metals, including: owning the metal itself; owning a certificate that is backed by physical metal; owning shares in mining companies; owning precious metals through Exchange Traded Funds; and owning precious metals within your own Independent Retirement Account (IRA). There is more than one way of putting precious metals into your IRA (you can store physical metal at a specialized IRA Custodian) or you can buy mining shares, precious metal trusts, or Exchange Traded Funds that specialize in precious metals. A number of Bullion Dealers are listed here. These dealers specialize in buying and selling precious metal bullion based on current market spot prices. Bullion dealers do not usually offer historical coins at premium "collectors' prices". If you are not sure which investment vehicle is best for you then you should try to find out more about investing in precious metals by doing some research and/or speaking with a financial adviser.
English-language websites only. Foreign language websites without English-language webpages can be submitted to a foreign language category. Definitely not a coin collectors category. If you would like to submit a coin dealer website then "Shopping/Antiques and Collectibles/Coins" is a good place to start.