For those who don't know what a Network Admin does versus a Sysadmin: - Designing an IP network - Evaluating equipment and vendors - Selecting routing protocols - Configuring common interior protocols (RIP, OSPF, EIGRP) - Connecting to external networks and configuring exterior protocols (BGP) - Ongoing network management: troubleshooting and maintenance - Security and privacy issues - Configuring network and serial hardware - Domain Name Services - Serial line communications using SLIP and PPP - NIS and NFS - Taylor UUCP - Administering electronic mail, including sendmail and Exim - Administering Netnews, including INN and several news readers - Firewalling using ipfwadm, ipchains, and iptables (netfilter) - Masquerading and accounting - IPX configuration for a Novell Netware network General and advanced configuration, including DHCP, DNS, WINS, routing, and RAS.

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