Suggestions to this category should be from those companies/businesses who provide products and services for Prosthetics. These products and services are for hospitals or medical practices only, not to the consumer. Please suggest your site to the appropriate subcategory.
Links for those businesses that sell Prosthetics to the Professional Healthcare Industry. This means those businesses that serve the healthcare industry. If your site is targeted for the public and not the healthcare industry please submit your site to the appropriate category in Health. If you are selling products to the public/consumer, please submit to the Shopping tree: Shopping/Health/Disabilities/Assistive_Technology.
Manufacturers and information about breast prosthetics.
Sites for sales of breast enhancement products are listed in the Shopping/Health/Reproduction_and_Sexuality/Breast_Enhancement / category.
For companies which design and manufacture artificial arms, legs, hands or feet.
Sites listed here will represent designers, manufacturers and distributors whose companies are located in North America.
For companies which design and manufacture optical and facial prosthetics.