The animal health industry involves professionals such as veterinarians, technicians, nutritionists, and livestock producers.
This category is for companies that supply the animal health industry with goods and services.

If your site is mainly concerned with online selling to pet owners, it belongs in Shopping, and purely informational sites are listed in the appropriate category in Animal Health.

To minimise the delay in listing your site, please submit to the appropriate subcategory, and follow these guidelines.

Livestock is the term used to refer to non-pet animals that are bred or raised on a commercial basis ( often to provide food ) such as cattle, sheep, poultry and pigs.
Sites listed here will be about companies which supply health-related products and services to livestock producers and associated industries.

Please use the subcategories if your products concern only cattle or only sheep, and please follow the general guidelines here.

General livestock equipment and supplies ( not health-related ) are found in Agricultural Businesses instead.

Pet health products include medications ( such as worming medicine or flea preventives ) which do not require a veterinarian, and items to assist in recovery or disability at home ( such as splints or incontinence pads ).
This category is for sites about businesses providing non-veterinary health products for pets. These products must be for use by consumers at home, otherwise the sites belong in Veterinary Supplies.

Please follow the general guidelines here.

Licensed veterinarians require a range of supplies and products, including vaccines, software and drugs.
This category is for companies and businesses which provide products and services for use by veterinarians or in their clinics.

Veterinary clinics themselves should be sent to Veterinarians

Please use the subcategories if appropriate, and follow the general guidelines here.

Informational sites are listed in Veterinary Medicine and online sales of non-veterinary products for pets ( such as flea treatments and worming medication ) must be submitted in Shopping.