The Condiments and Seasonings category includes industries and companies engaged in transforming agricultural products into products for intermediate or final consumption. A condiment is a substance, such as a relish, vinegar, or spice, used to flavor or complement food. Seasoning (also called seasoner) is something, such as a spice or herb, used to flavor food.
This category contains websites of manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors of condiments and seasonings. Companies that provide processing, equipment, supplies, and services supporting this industry, which include consulting, employment, marketing, associations, etc. are all appropriate for inclusion. Professional and industrial resources are also included.

Some of the product types that can be listed here include condiments, pickled products, sauces, seasonings (dry, liquid and perishable), food bases, herbs, spices, vinegar, chili products, marinades, vinaigrettes, rubs, salsas, dressings, curry powders, masalas, and pastes.

Sites generally not listed in this category include:

  • Local retailers which serve a very limited geographic area are listed in the Regional category according to the city or town where they are located.
  • Retailers providing online shopping are listed in Shopping: Food.
  • Sites dealing with condiments and seasonings as a recreational interest (history, humor, facts, etc.) are listed in Recreation: Food.
  • Cooking and recipe sites are listed in Home: Cooking.
  • Scientific, research and technical sites covering condiment and seasoning science are listed in Science: Technology: Food Science.
  • Sites covering human nutrition and dietary aspects of condiments and seasonings are listed in Health: Nutrition.
  • Industries engaged in growing crops and raising livestock are listed under Business: Agriculture and Forestry.
Commercial firms providing products, services, distribution about, for or of seasonings.