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If your website sells coffee, it is probably more appropriate to submit to this category: /Shopping/Food/Beverages/Coffee_and_Tea/
Organizations representing growers, marketers, processors, and others involved in the international coffee industry.

Only coffee import and export, and related, companies should be suggested here.

Manufacturers are listed in Business: Food and Related Products: Beverages: Coffee.

Wholesalers and distributors should be suggested to Business: Food and Related Products: Wholesale and Distribution.

Sites that exist primarily to sell products to consumers should be suggested to the applicable subcategory in Shopping: Food: Beverages: Coffee and Tea: Coffee. Duplicate listings will not usually be considered.

Retailers serving a limited geographic area should suggest their listings to the appropriate Regional Business and Economy category.

Sites of suppliers or manufacturers of beverage service equipment should be suggested to Business: Hospitality: Food Service: Tools and Equipment: Beverage.

Sites of coffee import and export, and related, companies. Includes agents, traders, consultants, trade portals, and other intermediaries.
This area is for the listing of sites providing coffee equipment (not coffee products) that are used in the Foodservice industry.
There is currently no description created for this category.
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