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Submission Tips:

The ''Title'' submitted should be the company or trading name only as is shown on the home page of the web site and nothing else.

The url submitted should be that of the home page unless it is a sub page containing mortgage services related information that Directory users will find helpful (see also the calculator sub-category).

The description submitted should:

  • Have offices in more than one Australian state - See relevant sub category for state based listings.
  • Be objective, not subjective - The description should not use either promotional or superlative wording.
  • Relate directly to the information available on the web site, rather than the specific product types offered. Do not list every loan you offer, nor where you are located.
  • Describe what users can expect on the site - Everyone in this category offers the same service / product. What about your site is worth visiting to read? What sort of information will visitors find?

Please be aware that submissions which don''t comply with the above may not be accepted or may face delays before being approved.

This category lists web sites that offer a mortgage related service Australia wide. For all state only services, please list under the relevant state category.
Please do not submit to every state! Only submit your URL to the state where your mortgage company is located and licensed to lend.

If you are licensed to lend in several states then submit your site for review to Business/Financial_Services/Mortgages/Regional/United_States/ .

Mortgage services and companies that are offered for at least several states. Firms applicable to their home state should be listed within the state sub categories here.
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