Credit card merchant services are provided to businesses by processors through registered ISO/MSP organizations and their registered sales agents who represent financial institutions that are members of one of the two bank card associations (VISA, USA or MasterCard International), or, travel and entertainment card companies such as American Express, Citicorp Diners Club, or, Carte Blanche. This category is for the primary processing companies that sponsor the ISO/MSP and their agents.
Sites submitted to this category must belong to primary processing companies that are directly responsible for the transmission of financial transactions to one of the following institutions;

VISA MasterCard International American Express Citicorp/Diners Club Carte Blanche Discover/Novus JCB

If your site does not represent a primary direct membership to one of these organizations, please do not submit it to this category.

ISO/MSP registered companies with their sponsoring member institutions, that provide credit card processing services to merchants.
This category is only for those companies that have registered as an ISO/MSP of Visa USA and Mastercard International. Agents of an ISO/MSP should apply to the appropriate agents category.

Registration information including the sponsoring member institution must be published on the URL you are submitting, as well as the Company name. It is also suggested that the company address and phone number be published.

The required registration information must also be contained in the site description.

Please only submit sites that deal with check processing services such as check collection, online check processing or electronic check conversion. Software that aids in these services may also submit their sites here.
Please allow sufficient time to visit your site and have it reviewed properly before inclusion in the open directory. If your site doesn''t appear within a week, you may email the editor as to the status of your submission.
Review advice and guides for selecting and establishing a merchant account, and directories of credit card processing companies.
This category is for listings that are directly related to payment systems (like accepting credit cards) that are conducted entirely on the Internet.