Provides access to life and health insurance topics. Some information will be left out of this view, as when a carrier offers both life/health and property/casualty insurance types.
Only industry-oriented informational sites will be listed in this category. Please submit sites of agents, brokers, and marketers to the appropriate subcategory of Business/Financial_Services/Insurance/Agents_and_Marketers.
Contains sites of agents, brokers, agencies, and others who market life and/or health insurance to end customers.
This category includes associations and organizations which are primarily concerned with the life and health insurance industry.
Please submit/update state level chapters of NAHU.
Lists consulting firms specializing in life and/or health insurance.
Provides access to categories offering consumer information on various forms of life and health insurance.
This category is for managed care organizations, including health maintenance organizations (HMOs), preferred provider organizations (PPOs), and other managed care arrangements.
This category is for managed care organizations. (See the category description). This is not the category for assisted living facilities, third party administrators, insurance brokers or insurance agents.

Please submit reinsurance companies to the Reinsurance category.

Please submit third party administrators to the Third Party Administrators category.

Please submit agents or brokers sites to the proper subcategory of Agents and Marketers or to the appropriate locality category in Regional.

Submit websites for assisted living operators and facilities to Health/Senior_Health/Assisted_Living or an appropriate subcategory.