The Environment sector covers distinct, but increasingly interdependent industries.  This category tree includes the following:

  • Industries engaged in environmental protection, with products and services such as pollution control.
  • Industries developing and providing waste management, recycling operations, and conversion of waste to products for energy, such as incinerator pellets, to supply the Biomass Energy Industry.
  • Industries developing and providing safety equipment.

This category also includes information resources covering these industries, such as associations, reference resources, and news.

In order to be listed in the Business tree, sites must be in English or have English content.
If the site is for an organization that serves a small geographic area, then it will not be listed here.
Such sites may be listed in the Regional category tree.

The topic of Environmental Management Systems has to do with the implementation of the ISO-14000 series of international standards. This is a series of voluntary standards on environmental management tools and systems developed and maintained by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization. The ISO 14000 series includes standards on environmental auditing, life cycle analysis, environmental performance evaluation, and more. The purpose of these standards is to incorporate environmental aspects into the operations and product standards of industries and other organizations. Often, when people refer to ISO 14000, they are actually referring to one standard in the series: ISO 14001. Environmental Management Systems should not be confused with systems for managing environmental data.
This category is intended for websites about the ISO 14000 standards and the development and implementation of environmental management systems.

Sites for consulting and training services or software focused on ISO 14000 and EMS should be submitted to the appropriate subcategories.

SITES THAT DO NOT BELONG HERE include, but are not limited to:
Consultants and other products and services related to air quality, pollution prevention, wastewater management, hazardous waste, environmental regulatory compliance, waste site remediation, asbestos removal, occupational safety and health consultants, sludge management, and environmental monitoring equipment.

If your site is related to one of these other topics, find a more appropriate category by looking in Business/Energy_and_Environment/Waste_Management/, Science/Environment, Science/Environment/Products_and_Services, Business/Energy_and_Environment/Consultants/, , or other related category.

This category includes sites that offer products and services in the field of noise, vibration, and acoustics.
This category features sites concerned with the business of the waste management industry.