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Consultants specializing in the energy and environmental field, especially for:
  • Electricity
  • Hydrogen
  • Oil and Gas
  • Renewables
  • Solid Fuels
  • Utilities

Before submitting your site, please review the Guidelines for Submitting a Site.

Site must be in English or have English content.

If your organization serves a small geographic area, Regional may be the best location for your listing.

This category is for sites dealing in world class electrical generating companies and those companies that build them.
Site must have useful employment resources for the energy sector. Examples of useful resources: job listings or recruiting firms serving the energy sector.
Employment resources related to the energy sector. Some examples of the energy sector: power, oil, gas, petrochemical and mining.
Fuel cell technology is used to react fuels such as hydrogen or methanol with oxygen via an electrochemical path, thereby generating electricity. While the technology has been available for decades for specialty applications, it has undergone much more rapid development in recent years, spurred in part by the promise of a hydrogen economy. Many companies participate in the field, at various stages of the product cycle (research through mature products). Websites for these companies are collected in this category. For more information about the principles behind fuel cell technology, see the corresponding Science category.

Please submit sites for companies who provide services and products specializing in energy management.

Sites generally not listed in this Business category:

This Energy Management sector category includes industries and companies who provide services and products specializing in energy management to other businesses.
For this category, Energy Management is defined as:

The steps taken to minimize energy wasted in the provision of a facility or service.

An energy management program is the process of implementing energy management through:
  • Policy setting
  • Energy auditing
  • Behavioural change through awareness campaigns
  • Identifying and implementing technical and procedural solutions
  • Planning for future facilities and services
  • Review of current facilities and services
Sites listed here will be for companies primarily offering marketing and advertising services in the field of energy and the environment.

Sites for companies providing energy services (such as power generators etc) do not belong here, but should be sent to the appropriate subcategory of Business/Energy_and_Environment, depending on the type of fuel they supply.
Sites for energy consultants belong in Business/Energy_and_Environment/Consulting unless their main focus is marketing and advertising.

There is currently no description created for this category.
E-commerce marketplaces facilitate interactions and transactions between buyers and sellers within the energy and utility industries.
Professional newsletters and other periodicals for the audience of Engineers.
Submit information sites concerning the industry to Oil and Gas/Industry Resources.
This main category is for vertically integrated companies that do substantial business in a number of major subcategories. For example BPAmoco is a major player in exploration, refining, petrochemicals and marketing. Many national oil companies belong in this category.

Please take the time to decide on the sub-category which best fits your product or service.

This category tree is for commercial and business sites specializing in energy generation from sources that can be replaced, with emphasis on those that do not increase carbon in the atmosphere.  Sites will rarely be listed at the top, so please suggest your site to the sub-category that represents 80% or more of the business, whether manufacturers, distributors, retailers, installers, consultants, and production equipment manufacturers for any of the associated industries.

Installers, please note:

This category tree is for web sites that serve multi-state or worldwide operations. If the web site offers installation services that use products manufactured from other sources, and are not offered beyond the country border, then it will not be listed here.
Such sites are best suggested to the most specific category available in the Regional tree.  If the site only shows one office location, then please suggest it to that locality''s Business and Economy cateory.  If the site is not specifically geared towards this tree, please suggest it to the most appropriate category, since suggesting to the wrong category will delay and/or prevent your site from being listed in the directory.

Suggestion Tips:

  1. When writing the site''s title please ensure it is the same as the organization.
  2. When writing the site''s description, please state what your site offers in a clear and concise statement without hype or promotional language.

Any energy source that is naturally replenishable, including wind, sun, geothermal, oceans and rivers, and biomass.
This category tree is for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and service providers of renewable energy products.
The category is divided into a number of specific sub-categories.

Finding the Proper Location for Your Site:
  • Conduct a search of the Open Directory for few keywords that relate to your site. The search results will serve up listings of different categories. Go to those categories and determine which one is appropriate for your site.
  • Be sure to review the subcategory descriptions, if available, to determine if your site is appropriate to that category or subcategory.
  • Review the site descriptions of the entries in the category that you intend to submit to. Prepare your description in advance. Please do not just send us your META description.

Guidelines for submitting sites:

  • The title should be the name of your company or organization.
    • Do not type in all caps
    • Do not include a list of keywords
    • Do not include your products
    • Do not write a sales pitch.
  • The description should be a brief summary of your organization''s products and services.
    • The description should be in English and in coherent sentence or phrase form.
    • Do not include superlatives or a sales pitch.
    • Do not submit your company history.
    • Do not submit a list of keywords.
    • Do not use unnecessary capitalization, or include HTML tags.
  • Submit to only ONE category
    • Submit to the best category possible. If you cannot find the proper category in Business, first look elsewhere in the ODP. If you still cannot locate an appropriate category, submit the site to the best category possible.
  • The World, Regional, and Shopping hierarchies.
    • World is for sites in languages other than English. Each has a Business hierarchy of its own.
    • Shopping is for retail and online sales sites.
    • Regional contains many business listings for specific localities. If your organization serves a small geographic area, Regional may be the best location for your listing.

Suppliers to the Utility industry should be listed in Equipment

Software for the Utility industry should be listed in Utility Software.

Utilities are direct distributors of energy to end use customers such as residential, industrial and commercial consumers of energy.

Telecommunication providers should list their sites in the appropriate category in Telecommunications.

Before submitting your site, please review the Guidelines for Submitting a Site.

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