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This category is for retained executive search firms that are not industry or functionally specific and conduct retained searches. If your firm is industry specific please go to Business: Industries: and look for the appropriate industry listing. Most have a category for Employment which contains a category for Executive Search. Please submit your listing to that category. If your firm is functionally specific, i.e. Accounting, Human Resources, etc., please conduct the same type of search and submit your listing accordingly. Please do not make multiple submissions or repeatedly submit your site over a period of days. Sites are normally listed only one time in the Open Directory. Sites which make multiple submissions to the category will be deleted.
This category contains a listing of Executive Search companies and related services that are not industry specific or functionally specific. Executive search firms conduct searches for their clients on a retained basis. The searches they conduct are usually for top level executives. (i.e Presidents, Chairmen of the Board, Board of Directors Members, V.P's etc.)
Please submit only generalists recruiting sites to this category.

If you are industry specific please look around and find the correct category for your web site. As an example: a recruiting firm working in the Hospitality Industries would be listed in Business: Industries: Hospitality: Employment: Recruiters

This category lists Recruiters who serve more than one industry or more than one specific function and they recruit for companies anywhere.

Companies who recruit in a specific geographical location should submit their listing to the appropriate Regional category. If your site is specifically for the UK please submit it to the Regional/Europe/United Kingdom/Business and Economy/Employment category. If it is for a specific town or city please submit it to the appropriate Regional sub category.

Click through the appropriate links and find the correct category and submit from there. Thanks!

This category lists executive recruiters' internet sites. Executive recruiters are professionals or professional firms that conduct searches for employees for their clients on a contingency basis. They research, source, interview and recommend candidates to their clients. Executive Recruiters are not employment agencies. Executive recruiters find people for jobs. Recruiters' fees are paid by potential employers, not by candidates.
Submit your recruiting related resource in this area. This is not the category for staffing/recruiting firms, software or training. (There are better suited categories for these.)
The following is a listing of recruiting related resources. (Portal sites, forums, directories, etc.) This is not the category for staffing/recruiting firms, software or training. (There are better suited categories for these)
Companies listed in this category provide candidate identification (also known as "name generation research") services to headhunters and employers. Sourcers are also referred to as research assistants, Internet researchers, candidate developers, candidate profilers and executive search researchers. Although each may offer a unique variation to the service, only companies providing targeted candidate leads to recruiters should be listed here.
Sourcing is the research-intensive part of the recruitment process involving identifying professionals with certain skills and experience as detailed in the employer's job description. This category only lists companies providing candidate sourcing -- frequently referred to as "recruitment research" or "executive search research".

Get listed faster! Follow these guidelines:

  • Submit only multinational staffing firms here. If the staffing service covers just one country, US state, or Canadian province, please submit it to the appropriate location atBusiness/Employment/Regional/ .

  • Submit only staffing firms that cover multiple specialities here. If the staffing service specializes in a specific industry for which Open Directory has an employment category, please submit your site to that Industry''s list of sites. You can find a list of industries at Business/Employment/.

Failure to follow these guidelines will delay listing of your site, as we''ll have to send it to another category for another editor to review.

This Category is designed specifically for Professional Staffing/Employment firms specializing in Employee placement on a temporary or permanent basis in the public and private sectors.
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