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Sites listed here should be general in nature. If your site covers a specific industry please send it to that category.

Some examples include: Advertising , Entertainment , Law Enforcement , Sales and Information Technology .

If your company covers job listings for a specific area of the world, please send your listing to the appropriate Regional category.

If your site is not in English, please send to the appropriate World category.

Sites in this category offer advice and resources for career enhancement, career selection and dealing with career choices.
Please do not submit individual resumes.
The Job Search category provides listings of employment sites, job portals, and sites which provide Job Seekers with information which specifically relates to finding a job, as opposed to career related information or resumes. The Job Search category is broken down into: Entry Level and Internships, Industries, Interview Advice, Job Fairs, Seasonal, and World-wide. Closely linked are the Recruiters and Executive Search categories which list search firms that do not specialize in one type of job or one type of industry. For industry specific search firms look in the category for the specific industry. (e.g. Business: Industries: Information Technology: Employment: Recruiters)
This category is for retained executive search firms that are not industry or functionally specific and conduct retained searches. If your firm is industry specific please go to Business: Industries: and look for the appropriate industry listing. Most have a category for Employment which contains a category for Executive Search. Please submit your listing to that category. If your firm is functionally specific, i.e. Accounting, Human Resources, etc., please conduct the same type of search and submit your listing accordingly. Please do not make multiple submissions or repeatedly submit your site over a period of days. Sites are normally listed only one time in the Open Directory. Sites which make multiple submissions to the category will be deleted.
There is currently no description created for this category.
No resumes are accepted into this category. All individual resumes are to be submitted to the appropriate functional or industry linked resume category. Please select the appropriate category and submit your resume to that category.
There is currently no description created for this category.
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