This category will list the companies that produce equipment, materials and supplies that are used to manufacture electronic components. This includes companies that support these manufacturers.
This category will list companies that manufacture or distribute materials or supplies used in the manufacture of electric and electronic devices.

Do submit sites related to solder and flux materials and/or supplies to this category.

Do not submit sites related to soldering and desoldering tools and equipment to this category. They will not be listed, and should be submitted to Business: Electronics and Electrical: Production Equipment and Materials: Tools and Equipment: Soldering and Desoldering instead.

This category contains companies that design or manufacture equipment used to construct electrical or electronic products. The companies listed here primarily design devices that are meant for factory or laboratory settings.
Companies that specialize in one of the listed subcategories of this category should submit sites there. Companies that have multiple specialties or concentrate in an area for which there is no subcategory will be listed here.

When submitting a site, please describe the company and its products, avoiding the use of words or phrases that are strictly promotional (such as "World''s best" or "amazing results"). If appropriate, also say what content your website has that might interest visitors.