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Manufacturers of Equipment
Only manufacturers of this equipment will be listed in this category. Sites selling such equipment online should submit to the appropriate category in Shopping. Dealers should submit to the appropriate category in Regional.
Manufacturers of Scuba Diving Equipment, including regulators, tanks, buoyancy compensators (BC or stab jacket), fins, mask, snorkels, wet suits, dry suits, weights and weight belts, rebreathers, fins, diver propulsion vehicles (scooters), game bags, spear guns, underwater photography cameras and lights, lights or torches, clothing, gear bags, cases, associated tools, compressors, gauges, dive computers, underwater compasses, dive parkas, slates, underwater communication devices, regulator bags, and associated accessories.
Surfing companies are those that provide products associated with the surfing lifestyle.
Please submit only sites from manufacturers of consumer sporting goods that are used for water skiing and wakeboarding. If your products are sold online to consumers, please submit your site to the correct category in Shopping. For general information about the sport, please submit your site to a category in Sports.
Includes manufacturers of sporting goods used by consumers in water skiing and wakeboarding.
Manufacturer of windsurfing equipment sold through dealers or retail shops.
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