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The category for gift industry covers conferences, trade shows, events and expositions.
Please submit your company''s name as the title of the site. Keep your descriptions as specific and as short as possible.

*** Factual descriptions are appreciated, marketing hype will be deleted.

*** In most cases a site will only be listed in one Open Directory category. Please submit a URL that best explains your product or service in general terms, or introduces your company. Individual product page listings should not be added to the ODP.

*** No site is guaranteed placement in the Open Directory, any site still under construction, is submitted to multiple inappropriate categories, uses multiple URL''s for multiple submissions, that consists primarily of affiliate links to products, or is a just "cookie cutter front door" store, will be deleted.

*** General shopping sites, all occasion gifts sites, and any site that does not pertain to Business: Advertising: Promotional Items: will be deleted.

Corporate gifts are a product given by a business to its customers, employees, friends or other influentials for goodwill and without obligation.
Please submit sites with a manufacturing or wholesale focus. Sites with a retail focus must be submitted to the appropriate shopping category, such as Shopping/Food/Gifts/Baskets/ or Shopping/Gifts/Gift_Baskets/ as submitting to this business category will only delay a possible listing.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Contains sites primarily selling greeting card products to retail stores. Wholesale sites also selling retail are found in the Shopping:Gifts:Cards category.

Manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of gifts and supplies for parties and occasions.

Submit retailers to Shopping/Entertainment/Party_Supplies/

Manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of gifts and supplies for parties and occasions.

Companies that also sell to the general public will be considered in this category only if those sales are a MINOR part of company''s trading. Double listing in both Shopping/ and other Business/ categories will be extremely rare.

Sites which are primarily focused on selling to the general public are not listed in Wholesale and Distribution. These site should be submitted to Shopping/.

Sites related to companies which produce or manufacture goods for resale are not listed in Wholesale and Distribution. These should be submitted to the broader Consumer Goods and Services: Gifts category or an appropriate subcategory, if one exists.

This category lists sites related to the wholesalers and distributors of Gift items. These are primarily sites of companies of whose primary focus is to purchase gift goods and merchandise from producers and manufacturers and to sell them to re-sellers in bulk.

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