The Eyewear category focuses on the business of manufacturing, distributing, and marketing products related to eyewear. It includes contact lenses, eyeglasses, optical frames, sunglasses, safety glasses, lenses for eyewear products and accessories directly related to the use of eyewear, such as eyeglass cases and cleaning products.

Submit sites whose primary focus is the manufacturing, distributing and marketing of products related to eyewear.

Sites generally not listed in this category:
  • Online shopping: Sites that exist primarily to sell goods and services directly to the consumer should be listed in the Shopping category. See the Shopping category description for more detail.
  • Sites that focus on providing information to consumers are listed under Home: Consumer Information. See the Consumer Information FAQ for more information.
  • Local businesses: sites for companies serving a very limited geographic area -- like a single state (or equivalent), city or metro area -- should be submitted to the Regional category.
Contact lenses are vision aids that are worn on the eye's cornea.
This category is for manufacturers of contact lenses only. Websites with online shopping should be submitted to Shopping/Health/Vision/Contact_Lenses.
ophthalmic lenses
Optical Accessories
Optical Frames (frames for eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses)
Eyewear generally available without a prescription, usually providing simple magnification.
This category is only for manufacturers of reading glasses. Websites that offer online shopping of reading glasses should be submitted to Shopping/Health/Vision/Reading_Glasses.
Sunglasses are protective eyewear designed to shield the eyes from sun or glare.
This category is only for manufacturers of sunglasses. Websites offering online sales of sunglasses should be submitted toShopping/Health/Vision/Sunglasses.