This category has been established to organize web sites with information pertaining to trenchless technology so that directory users will have easy access to such information. Trenchless technology is a diversified industry primarily within the construction and engineering industries, but with considerable ties to academic institutions (including multiple academic centers dedicated to trenchless technology), and with its own professional societies, trade magazines, website portals, etc. The trenchless technology industry uses various technologies to limit the disturbance of surface structures during the new installation or the repair of existing underground structures. In addition to being less disruptive, trenchless technologies are often faster and more cost-effective than the traditional direct burial construction techniques. Trenchless technologies such as horizontal directional drilling (hdd), microtunneling, pipe jacking, etc. are routinely used for the new installation of utility piping for the sewer, water, gas, power, cable, and telecommunications industries. Trenchless technologies such as grouting, coating, pipelining, pipe bursting, etc. are routinely used for the repair or replacement of such existing underground utilities, often as part of a regular operations and maintenance program.
There are several professional societies or trade organizations which are directly concerned with the trenchless technology industry. There are also broader interest trade associations with active trenchless technology programs and committees. Many professional societies actively support trenchless technology research and directly or indirectly promote the growth of the trenchless technology industry. This category is for links to such organizations. If a direct link to a trenchless technology committee page is not possible, where possible, the name (or names) of the trenchless technology committee(s) should be listed in the site description.
The trenchless technology industry is beginning to take advantage of the interactive communications afforded by the internet. The bulletin boards and mailing lists related to trenchless technology are becoming a primary source for trenchless technology information gathering and professional networking. This category is for the organizing of such interactive resources where trenchless technology information can be gathered.
This category is for links to web pages containing information regarding, conferences, expositions, trade shows, seminars, symposiums, etc. which are either focused upon trenchless technology, or which often have significant trenchless technology related exhibits and papers.
This category is for websites of construction firms particularly engaged in the application of trenchless technologies. Site descriptions should include information regarding the trenchless technologies performed by the contracting firm.
Several independent portal and directory sites related to trenchless technology have begun to appear on the internet. Many are labors of love created by individuals who truly appreciate the trenchless technology industry. Others are commercial ventures of publishing companies, consulting engineers, or vendors. All of them are providing easier access to trenchless technology information.
There are several academic centers which have been established to research trenchless technology. There are also numerous research foundations which support and conduct academic research regarding trenchless technology. Additionally, there are numerous individual academicians who are involved in trenchless technology research. This category has been established to organize links to organizations and individuals involved in the research of trenchless technology, or the funding thereof.
This category is for the organization of links to companies which supply products (other than equipment) to the trenchless technology industry. @Links to broader categories should be created where possible, but duplications are acceptable into this sub-category if necessary to distinguish a few product manufacturers who actually provide products directly suited to and promoted for trenchless technology use. Sites of diversified companies should not be excluded merely because they do more than trenchless technology. Where possible deep-links to trenchless technology pages should be used to show the diversified company's trenchless technology products. When such deep-links are not possible or practical, the site description should specifically express the company's trenchless industry involvement.
The trenchless technology industry has several dedicated trade publications. There are also several related trade publications which regularly include articles of interest to trenchless technology professionals. This category is for the organization of such links. The site description should include an explanation of the type of trenchless technology coverage expected within the publication.
This category has been established for organizing links to consulting engineering firms, testing laboratories, and other professional services serving the trenchless technology industry. Trenchless technology expertise amongst consulting engineers is growing, but relatively few engineers are experienced with the growing field of trenchless design. This category has been established to provide links to consulting engineers known to have been involved with trenchless design projects. Trenchless information available at the website should be noted in the site description. Direct page links to individual engineers with trenchless technology expertise is encouraged, as many of the firms are extremely large and diversified.
This category has been created to organize links to sites pertaining to trenchless technology equipment manufacturers.
Companies that manufacturer, sell and distribute their own products should be submitted and listed in the Manufacturing category.
This category is for the organization of links to the websites of sales representatives, supply houses, and trading houses with specific involvement in trenchless technology promotion and sales.