Commercial / industrial architecture includes office, multi-unit residential, civic, retail, institutional and other types of architecture for the business world.

Theoretical firms are welcome and encouraged, but they must display some form of practical application, even if it is only a discussion.

This category is only for the submission of architects'' websites who specialize in, or have an emphasis in, commercial or industrial architecture and who have one or more office locations in Oceania.

Please do not submit here if you are a material or product vendor, builder, contractor or design professional who is not a licensed architect. Submit instead to related categories. Non-architect submissions will likely experience a long delay in having the site reviewed.

For architects who are submitting, please find the regional subcategory that most closely corresponds to the location of your brick-and-mortar office(s) and submit there. Include the following:

Title: The legal name of your firm. If an individual, please submit as last name, first name.

Description: Information on what is to be found at your website (example: "Portfolio of recent projects, client list and awards received." Please include the city or town where office is located. If you have more than one office, include this information.

Do not use promotional language in either the title or description fields — stick with the facts; do not capitalize each area of specialty (example: Healthcare, Industrial, Residential and Religious Architecture); and do not repeat the company name in the description field. Following these guidelines will prevent lengthy delays in reviewing your site.