Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of raw rubber and rubber compounds. Finished rubber products are found in the subcategory "Manufactured Product" and its linked categories.,
Submissions to this category are restricted to international organizations and United States organisations whose operations extend throughout the 48 states. Sites for organizations with a smaller scope should be submitted to the appropriate category in Regional.
This category is for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of finished rubber products. It is not for sites dealing with raw rubber and compounds. Submissions to this category include international and United States businesses whose operations extend throughout the 48 states. If your organization does not meet this criteria please submit your site to the appropriate regional category instead.
Please submit sites using the following format:

Title: [Type in the Company Name]

Description: Write a brief description (1-2 sentences).

Include the company focus first, like: "Manufactures and distributes extruded rubber components for the automobile industry."

Then add a sentence about what is on the site, like: "Includes descriptions of products and services, a downloadable catalog and location map."

NOTE: Do not write marketing-type descriptions or fill the description with keywords. These are inappropriate and could cause a delay or deletion of your submittal.

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