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Please submit only to one category in the Business tree, although you may also submit to the locality of the headquarters in Regional if shown on the site.

Sites for industrial scale manufacture of polymers of sugars and glycans, to include oligosaccharides and polysaccharides.
Compounds consisting of less than four monomers may be found in Sugars, including those sites selling monomers as a predominant part of their business.

Sites for proteins that have been derived from genetically modified organisms, or from cell-free expression systems should be submitted to the appropriate Molecular_Biology category.
Sites for Proteins manufactured specifically for their catalytic properties should be submitted to the Enzymes sub-category.
Sites exclusively about proteins for biotherapeutic or other medical use should be submitted to links or a sub-category of Biopharmaceuticals.

Sites representing the Proteins manufacturing industry.
In general this refers to all sequences in excess of those that can be manufactured from constituent Amino_Acids, and in quantities exceeding those generated by chemical means alone; Peptide Synthesis.
Proteins are usually extracted from biological material and purified prior to sale.  This category is for industrial manufacture of natural proteins (non-GMO), in which the genetic material of the source has not been altered.

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