Sites for the industrial sector specializing in chemicals derived from animals and plants.
Biochemicals differ from Organic Chemicals in that they were discovered from their synthesis within living cells, but many can now be produced synthetically from simple chemicals.

Please submit sites to the sub-category or linked category according to the primary product on the site, eg. Biopolymers/Proteins.
If the primary products are manufactured by chemical synthesis, consider submitting to the Organic category instead.  More complex organic compounds may be considered for sub-categories of Science/Chemistry/Organic/Products_and_Services instead.  If the scope of products covers more than one sub-topic, then please submit to either Manufacturing or Wholesale_and_Distribution as appropriate.
(Duplicate submissions risk deletion)

Sites for manufacturers of amino acids, intermediates in their synthesis, or related products.

This category is for manufacturers' sites where the specialty is polymers that have biological significance. This includes proteins, oligosaccharides and oligonucleotides which may be extracted from living things, produced in cell culture, or by cell-free technology.
It may also include sites for synthetic polymers where there is no appropriate sub-category in Business: Chemicals: Polymers, Business: Biotechnology_and_Pharmaceuticals, Business: Healthcare or Business: Industrial_Goods_and_Services.

Please submit only to one category in the Business tree, although you may also submit to the locality of the headquarters in Regional if shown on the site.

Sites for agents, traders, consultants, trade portals and other intermediaries specializing in distributing chemicals derived from biological sources, across country borders.

All import/export service related sites from every world region are welcome to list in this category provided that they specialize in biochemical products available or sought for international purchase.

Sites for the industrial sector specializing in natural waxes and fatty acids, fat and oils of animal and plant origin, including glycolipids, phospholipids, sphingolipids and terpenoids.

Please submit sites to this category only if the primary topic is production of lipids not for consumption or addition to food products, otherwise consider submitting to a subcategory of Food and Related Products: Fats and Oils instead.
For the industrial sector primarily involved in chemical modification of lipids, such as hydrolysis or alcoholysis, please submit to Oleochemicals instead.

This category links to manufacturing companies in the biochemicals industry, as well as sites about the manufacturing component of this industry.

Please submit your site to the category representing the sector of the biochemicals industry represented on the site. Sites will only be listed here if there is no topical category for the main chemical sector.

Sites for manufacture of chemicals extracted from herbs and other plants, which have not been genetically modified (GM).
For GM products and those produced by fermentation, bacteria or cell culture see Science: Biology: Biotechnology: Products and Services

For manufacturers' sites showing products, where the primary focus is on production of carbohydrate monomers, for sale to markets other than just Pharmaceuticals or Food and Related Products.

Sites of companies that supply biochemicals without manufacturing themselves.

Please submit only sites for wholesalers and/or distributors whose primary function is to purchase chemicals of biological origin from manufacturers, and sell them, often in bulk.
Wholesalers and distributors that operate within a specific biochemical industry sector (for example, a company which distributes Plant Extracts) should be submitted to the appropriate sub-sector category.