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Please make certain that the site you submit is specifically concerned with the sale, use, or manufacture of Law Enforcement Accessories. If the bulk of your site concerns another industry, the site may be better represented in another category. One example would be if your site features several dozen knives with only one of them designed for Law Enforcement.
Law Enforcement Accessories may include virtually any product or tool used in the course of Law Enforcement occupations. This could include items as diverse as emergency lighting and communications equipment, uniform accessories, body armor, restraints, investigative supplies, specific software, or basic duty gear.
Non-fiction books for and about law enforcement professionals.
If your site is primarily selling civilian products, please submit your site to the proper subcategory of Shopping/Recreation/Guns.

If your site is primarily informational regarding civilian products, please submit your site to the proper subcategory of Recreation/Guns.

Manufacturer sites that don''t offer direct sales of products should be submitted to appropriate subcategories of Business/Consumer Goods and Services/Firearms .

Non-English sites should be submitted to the proper language in World.

Features sites that primarily sell firearms to law enforcement organizations and individuals.
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