This category is reserved for private investigators and detective agencies. It is meant to distinguish between websites for investigators, and those of information brokers such as public records research firms, skip-tracers, cross reference directory providers, and the like.

Because of the number of private investigators and detective agencies worldwide, this category has be regionalized, so that only websites showing details of offices in more than one continent are listed at the top of the category tree.  Those showing details of offices in more than one country in one continent may be listed at the top of that continent, and in some cases, where there are so many sites that a country or state category has been created, then the site should be suggested to just one of those categories.

However, the site may also be listed in the Regional sub-category corresponding to the head office, provided the site contains information relevant to a local audience.

The site must be in the English language. If the site is in a language other than English, please suggest it to the best category in World