Freelance graphic designers are those who hire out their services for a specific project or for a specific / finite period of time, often performing the services at the client's location.

For a freelancer, Please select the subcategory that best describes your services, i.e. Multi-discipline or Traditional. From there select the geographical category that best describes your geographical location.

Please observe the following guidelines before suggesting your site:

  • It must be a site for a freelance graphic designer who hires out their services for specific projects or for a specific / finite period of time.
  • The title should be the agency, business or organization name as it appears on the website, or the freelance''s name in Last Name, First Name format.
  • The description should be a brief summary of your website''s purpose or products and services. It may also include information about some features of the site. It must be written in English and in complete sentence form.
  • Your business location should be clearly visible on your site, and included in your description.