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This category contains companies offering content for use by other businesses. In this context, "content" includes stock footage, stock photography, audio and video clips, images, and datafeeds. Please submit to the appropriate subcategory when possible.
There is currently no description created for this category.
This category contains businesses which offer production services for corporate meetings and events. It is mainly intended for companies that supply Audio Visual equipment and the people to run it.

For entertainment industry (as opposed to corporate) sound and lighting production services, please see Business: Industries: Arts and Entertainment: Equipment: Production Services.

For companies that do large scale event planning encompassing more than just the Audio Visual aspects, see Business: Industries: Hospitality: Events: Event Planning and Management Companies.

This category is for business services, multiple product line equipment related audio visual sites. Sites must be authorized dealers for the products listed.
Please, submit only sites representing professional model making companies providing physical (not 3D digital) scale models. Do not submit the following types of sites: Sites related to digital 3D modeling, rendering and simulations. Sites related to non-professional (hobby) model making. Sites representing mass production manufacturers of scale models, scale kits and art/crafts supplies. Such sites are not match to this category and will not be published. All sites in this category should be on English language. Non-English language sites should be submitted to appropriate language category and will not be published in this category.
This category is for professional model making firms providing physical (not 3D digital) scale models of the following types: architectural (exterior and interior) and topographical (urban) models; scale models and replicas of vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft, ships and such; museum models and dioramas; prototypes; props, custom objects, sets and micro scenes for photographing, TV and movie production.
Companies where the core of the business is audio-visual design, i.e. training videos, multimedia CD-ROMs and presentations, should be submitted here.

Firms mainly designing identity and print materials should submit to Business: Advertising: Design Services: Corporate Identity

There is currently no description created for this category.
This category contains companies that provide services relating to audio video recordings to corporate clients. This includes duplication, restoration, format conversion, mastering, and any other service related to recordings.

For content production services, please see Business: Business Services: AudioVisual: Production.

For companies that offer music recording services and have mainly music industry clients, see Business/Arts_and_Entertainment/Tools_and_Equipment/Audio/Services/Recording/.

For companies that specialize in data recordings such as floppy discs and CD-ROMs, see Computers: Hardware: Storage: Optical.

For companies that serve primarily consumers, offering conversion of home movies and photo albums to video or DVD or restoration of personal music collections, please see Shopping: Entertainment: Recordings: Media Preservation and Transfer.

There is currently no description created for this category.
This Category is reserved for broad informational videoconferencing sites, or specific and unique videoconferencing applications and offerings. Please verify that there is no appropriate Sub-Category before submitting your website to this Category.
Videoconferencing for Business. This category of videoconferencing is within the category of overall Business Audio/Visual Services and as such requires that equipment, solutions and services be intended for and Business applications. Those applications intended for hobby or consumer applications should refer to Computers/Internet/On_the_Web/ for an appropriate listing.
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